Spartan Christian Fellowship is an extension of a church. University Reformed Church (URC), to be specific. While SCF’s mission is to bring the gospel to the hearts of college students on campus, our desire is to disciple college students through the church body. This takes place through the regular preaching of God’s word on Sunday, the participation in the sacraments, the provision from families that offer up their homes (literally) and meals and friends to students, the accountability from a body of leaders who are praying for the salvation and sanctification of the body, and the participation of its members in the various ministries of the church.


In SCF, we see God’s grace multiplied daily in our lives and in our students’ lives. But URC is our home and it is there that we participate collectively in Christ’s ministry towards his people. We hope you come to love the Church. And we hope you join us at our local church.


Jesus loves his church.

Jesus doesn’t make much of buildings or fancy clothes or types of music. But he does make much of the Church (the collective bunch of redeemed sinners). Just consider this: Jesus calls those in the Church his sheep, his friends and his brothers, his Bride, and his Body. This means he is the Church’s shepherd, friend, brother, groom, and head. Jesus actually prays that the Church and himself will be united together in the same way that the Father and the Son are united together. Talk about a mind-blowing idea. Simply put, Jesus loves his Church.




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